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We look for great opportunities.


A great opportunity is one where a great company combines with a great valuation, and where the risk is low and the potential return is high.


We believe that the Canadian non-resource microcap sector currently offers select investment opportunities with some of the best risk-adjusted investment returns of almost any asset class in the world.

We look for high growth microcap companies with low valuations. We look for companies with founders and management teams that have a significant vested interest in increasing shareholder value.


History has proven that some of the best investment opportunities are in market areas that are the most misunderstood. We believe that the Canadian non-resource microcap space is highly misunderstood and mispriced.


Small companies with little or no investment coverage give the experienced and educated investor a distinct advantage.

We invest in both public and private companies. Our focus is the Canadian public markets, the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange.


We scour quarterly and annual financial statements to find high growth companies meeting our investing criteria.


Our team has developed a substantial network of industry experts who help us find private companies experiencing rapid growth and in need of additional resources. 

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